Skope  Entertainment • November 14, 2018

A well produced song and crispy clear country vocals, Ohio-based singer songwriter Richard Lynch’s latest song Pray on the Radio is commercially ready to go mainstream and appeal to a wider audience of all ages. He doesn’t shy away from talking about God and his relationship with Him through his music. The lyrics are precise and expertly crafted with a rich beginning and dynamic, strong ending. The slightly jazz infused piano chords add another level to the already outstanding song. Even the percussive drums, the bass, and the guitars have their own unique qualities but it works perfectly and doesn’t overwhelm this hit and its message. Richard Lynch has the potential to make something big out there with his music.

Pray on The Radio heads to county radio....

Traditionally Lynch Launches December 2, 2017

A recognition to be proud of...

2017  Australia Song of The Year

An amazing award.....2017 International Song of The Year for Cut & Paste from the 2RR/Musiclinx of Australia

2017 Country Album of The Year Nominee

Richard Lynch  Nominated For 16th Independent Music Awards

Chart-topping country artist Richard Lynch has been nominated in the 16th Independent Music 
Awards. The ceremony will be held on March 31st 2018 at Lincoln Center in New York City.

"Worth Saving" Released 9/14/17

We are thrilled to present....."Worth Saving", written by Richard Lynch & Jerry Hughes as an anthem for Barn Believers Community Fund. The Barn Believers Community Project Fund informs, inspires, and connects people with traditional barns to encourage their continuing use in agriculture, community, and the economy. Please visit their web site to see why we are so honored to be involved in this amazing mission.

From Act One Magazine - Nov 13, 2017

I am a huge fan of country music and now I have a treat for you guys! Rhonda Vincent and Richard Lynch are out with the track “Back in love again”. This is a classic country song with a great production. Their voices are a great match and fits togheter perfecly for this feel-good song! I have to say it sound like they had a lot of fun making this track!

Both Rhonda and Richard are both well-known in the independent country and bluegrass scene. By listening to “Back in love again” you understand why. I love the way they combine the old classic country with a touch of bluegrass and it makes the sound unique and familiar at the same time. Something most artist are trying to do, but only a few can pull off. These two, can most definitely pull it off!

The structure of the song is spot on and at the 1:18 mark, the song takes a turn. My favorite part of the track. It breaks it up in an unexpected and perfect way, before going back on track with the chorus.

You should check out their video here:

A great duo that I hope will keep working together and putting out great feel-good tracks like this one.


From "Saving Country Music" 11-5-2017

If you enjoy the 80’s era of traditional country from artists like George Strait, Randy Travis, and Moe Bandy, then Richard Lynch will be right down your alley. Traditional country, but told from a more modern perspective, and with hints of more classic-era influences and even a little bit of Outlaw, Richard Lynch is like a blast from the past for those old soul country fans, but with a strange newness only possible from an artist you’ve just discovered.

Listening to any classic country is always an exercise in nostalgia, but the music of Richard Lynch makes for a more unique experience. Even though he’s an older artist who’s been playing music for some 30 years, Lynch didn’t make his recording debut until 2013. Working as a farmer and a barn builder most of his life, music wasn’t always on the front burner, even if the passion burned inside. But since he’s earned the time to delve deeper into his passion for music, he’s been able to put together a late-age career, and built a following from quality songs and recordings, and from the authenticity of his music since the stories come from his real life.

Quality and authenticity is certainly indicative of his latest record Mending Fences, which is like listening to one of your favorite records from an artist you first discovered some 30 years ago, but it’s all happening right here, right now. When you go to see your favorite older artist or pick up their latest CD, a lot of the enthusiasm you have for them is built from what they’ve done in the past. Not to knock their current efforts, but Richard Lynch is just now getting the opportunity to put the songs out there that will define his musical legacy, like Strait and and Travis did back in earlier eras.

richard-lynch-mending-fencesRichard Lynch resides in the country music world you might see featured on RFD-TV. This is classic, wholesome, values-based traditional country, not your young hipster throwback retro stuff focused more on style than substance. Richard writes and sings songs from his own perspective as a rural dweller from Waynesville, Ohio. The quality of both the songs and the recordings is shockingly good. Songs like “Mending Fences” and “In Over My Heart” remind you of a much simpler time and perspective. It’s like a warm breeze and fishing out on a lake, and the music carries not just quality efforts in the songwriting, but a moral and message missing from most modern country.

That doesn’t mean Richard Lynch can’t deliver a little energy and passion when he decides to. Mending Fences opens with the enthusiastic “Daddy’s Words”—illustrating great country instrumentation right out of the chute, and underlining a message that used to be the hallmark of quality country. Though country protest songs can get a little tedious, Lynch shows he’s not just willing to lead by example, but call em’ like he see’s ’em with the outspoken “Country Music Isn’t Country Anymore.” Another standout track is “Back In Love Again,” which is a duet with the current Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent, showing the respect Lynch has earned from his peers, as well as the lengths gone through to make sure Mending Fences is a quality, high-production effort.

Richard Lynch is true to himself, and true to the era and perspective that his music comes from. But it’s not unfair to say that some will hear this music as fuddy-duddy, outmoded, or lacking a certain edge that they may prefer from their country, even from the more traditional side. This is Cracker Barrel, front porch-sitting, jar of tea and a square of cornbread stuff. For modern “country” fans, it’s grandpa’s music. Even for some younger fans of older country, it might be a little too tame. And it might not be gentrified enough for the Americana lot.

But for those looking for that smooth, simple style of country that has seems to have been lost in time—just like it feels they have been—they will find a lot of favor with Richard Lynch and Mending Fences.

2017 Josie Award's Major Winner

Richard Lynch named the 2017 Traditionally Country Entertainer of the Year and the annual Josie's Awards in Nashville, TN

Richard's self penned "We're American Proud" named Song of The Year for Songs Saluting America at the 2017 Josie Awards

Rhonda Vincent & Richard Lynch

Traditional country crooner and member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame, Richard Lynch is no stranger to chart-topping hits.  His last 3 singles reached that pinnacle on multiple radio airplay charts, including New Music Weekly, Roots Music Report and IndieWorld Country Record Report.

Reigning Queen of Bluegrass music, Rhonda Vincent is also very familiar with number one hits: her last 3 solo albums reached the top of the Billboard Bluegrass chart, earning her multiple accolades, including 3 Grammy award nominations.

Now, Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent have teamed up for the release of, what is sure to be, another trip to the top of the charts. The pair’s toe-tapping duet, “Back In Love Again” hits radio airwaves on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. The track is taken from Richard’s award-winning, critically acclaimed album, “Mending Fences.”

Watch the music video for “Back In Love Again,” featuring “behind the scenes” studio footage at

Hailing from Waynesville, OH, Richard Lynch is an American country music artist who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. His single, “A Better Place” topped the New Music Weekly AM/FM country chart, the IndieWorld Country Record Report, and spent an incredible 32 weeks atop the Roots Music Report True Country chart. His next single, “We’re American Proud” also topped the charts. His last release, “Cut and Paste” also reached Number One the airplay charts. Richard is a multiple-award-winning artist and a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also the founder of Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans.

Rhonda Lea Vincent is an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. In 2000, The Wall Street Journalproclaimed Vincent “the new Queen of Bluegrass”. Vincent is an in-demand guest vocalist for other bluegrass and country music performers, appearing on recordings by Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Joe Diffie and other notables. The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) accorded her its Female Vocalist of the Year award for the years 2000 – 2006, plus IBMA Entertainer of the Year in 2001. The Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) designated her its Entertainer of the Year for 2002 – 2006 inclusive. She is a four-time Grammy Award Nominee.


Richard Lynch And Jimmy Fortune Entertain Fans On Intimate Alaskan Country Cruise

On July 12, 2017, Independent Country Music Hall of Fame artist, Richard Lynch joined Statler Brother, Jimmy Fortune and an intimate crowd of country music fans on an Alaskan cruise. Lynch and Fortune entertained the guests on the excursion.


August 22, 2017 - WAYNESVILLE, OH - Independent Country Music Hall of Fame artist Richard Lynch has toured the world, performing thousands of concert dates during his nearly 40 years in country music. In July 2017, Richard added Alaska to his travelogue, joining Statler Brother and Country Music Hall of Famer, Jimmy Fortune on a cruise of the United States' northern-most state. The temperatures were cold, but the music onboard was definitely hot.

The ship set sail from Seattle, WA on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, with an intimate and excited crowd of country music fans. Alaskan ports of call would see them dock in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, as well as Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Performances included a Jimmy Fortune concert on Monday the 17th, an intimate cocktail hour/jam session on Tuesday, with Richard singing classics, "Silver Wings" and "The Race Is On" with Fortune and his band, and a final concert on Friday the 21st, with Lynch joining the band for a version of "Amarillo." Saturday the 22nd included a meet and greet/autograph session with Lynch and Fortune.

Plenty of adventures were had along the way, including spotting 3 Orca Whales and a Humpback Whale beside their smaller tour boat, sing-a-longs at local taverns, and exploring Klondike Summit, Mendenhall Glacier, and Nugget Falls.

Jimmy Fortune's band included Billy James on bass (Statler Brothers); Ryan Joseph on fiddle (Alan Jackson); and John Meyer on guitar and banjo.

Watch Richard Lynch performing "Silver Wings:"
<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

"Jimmy Fortune is as fine a gentleman and person as he is a fabulous singer," said Richard Lynch. "Alaska is an amazing place and we highly recommend a cruise whenever anyone can get the opportunity to go."


From The Ludington Daily News 8-8-17

Country singer hosts concert on 'my kind of land'

Special to the Daily News

CUSTER – Embroidered into a patchwork of forest and farmland, sewn beneath a setting sun and starry starry night, Richard Lynch's “Keepin' It Country” concert was all that Saturday evening, and more.

The Kentucky born farm boy and acclaimed country singer delivered an All American benefit concert at the 1,183 acre Michigan American Legion's Wilwin at Cygnet Cove.

Located in central Mason County fives miles southeast of Custer, the nationally recognized facility is a safe haven “... for hope and healing; recovery and renewal; education and inspiration; sharing and support,” and offers up a naturalistic comforter to the U.S. veteran.

“This is beautiful, this is what it's all about,” the 54-year old singer/guitar player said as he sat at a picnic table and looked out at the 60-acre Woodruff Lake that was just a stone's throw away.

“This is so-o-o peaceful. The farms, the forests, this is my kind of land.”

Wandering here and there with his wife, Donna, to meet with veterans and other concert goers two hours before he plucked his first guitar string, Lynch shared his personal stories, and listened to the personal stories of those who were there to listen to him.

“We're here for you, thank you for your service,” Lynch said to one elderly gentleman who was wearing a “U.S. Army retried” baseball cap. The frail framed soldier of the '70s eyes misted over as he slowly walked away, shaking his head and politely declining to talk any further.

Beverly Ruttkofsky, 68 and operations coordinator of the Wilwin facility, said the silver-haired Vietnam veteran is typical of others who seek solitude at the calming campground.

“Some of them still don't talk much about their service, and what they went through,” she said. “We deal with a lot with veterans who have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

“This free concert tonight is intended to tell all those who support our cause, and this facility, 'thank you.' We are so fortunate and thankful that Richard and his band came here to help us out. His music is just wonderful.”

Lynch and his five-man band opened and closed their three-hour, 30-song concert with their signature “We're American Proud,” a stirring anthem laced with threads of red, white and blue quilted images of dirt under their nails factory workers, plowed farmlands, God and country, and a poetic pledge to keep our “soldiers in mind.”

Early on the powerfully-voiced crooner delivered his emotional “Love Tattoo,” an all-too-real message about the wounds – physical and emotional – soldiers suffer in combat. Seated on lawn chairs and at picnic tables, wearing cowboy hats, baseball caps, flannel shirts and t-shirts, his audience responded with a whistling, cheering appreciation.

And that's the way much of the night went for the Ohio farmer and country star who's played county fairs and concert halls in 18 states in recent months, and who's released a small, but pleasing library of albums which contain mostly his original music.

Other songs Lynch sang at Wilwin included “Cut and Paste,” “Last of a Dying Breed,” “The Race is On” by George Jones and many others.

Early on Lynch showed his entertainment versatility, and talk host sense of humor, by serving as an auctioneer for many items – cross country skis, a camping tent, bicycles and more – to raise funds for the Wilwin camp.

With a large American flag serving as a backdrop, and several small flags and red, white and blue ribbons decorating the edge of his stage, Lynch talked about the person who most inspired him – his dad, Woody.

“Man, Dad could sing,” Lynch said, smiling. “He was country through and through, worked an honest day and he loved to sing.

“I was born into country music. We try to keep our music true to our heritage – that's the way I write and sing. It's been incredible, absolutely incredible.”

Pausing between songs, Lynch told his audience: “There is a seriousness to us, we really want to help our veterans.”

Throughout his concert Lynch wore his large white cowboy hat, a trademark of all good cowboys who ride from venue to venue to help others, and to champion Americana causes.

“Nothing humbles me more than to have a veteran come up to me and shake my hand, and say 'thank you,'” said Lynch. “I tell them it's me that should thank them. We all should.”

Before Lynch and his band took center stage, the gathering crowd was entertained by the three-man band “Tangle Eye,” of Scottville.

And showing his swag for being a country gentleman, Lynch, himself, was the first to walk to the edge of the stairs and shake hands with the three young local musicians when they finished.


On Saturday August 5th, chart-topping country musician Richard Lynch presented a check to the Michigan American Legion's Wilwin Lodge at Cygnet Cove, a vacation respite for veterans and their families. In the past 12 years, Lynch has raised $114,500 for charities.

August 7, 2017 - WAYNESVILLE, OH -- 


You'd be hard-pressed to find a musician as authentic as Richard Lynch, whose traditional country music fully embodies his hay-raising, farm-dwelling lifestyle. An all-American, blue collar country man, Lynch has poured his heart and soul into the countless chart-topping hits he and his band have produced, including his current #1 Roots Music Report single, "Cut and Paste." Richard is a hard working, personification of pure country. He has been a designer and builder of amazing barns, and as should be expected, he is an American farmer.

Richard is the founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans, and he's also donated his time and talents to raising funds for farmers, ranchers, and patriotic causes. In fact, he's raised $114,500 for charities, in just the past 12 years.

On Saturday, August 5th, 2017, Richard Lynch and his Love Tattoo Foundation presented a check in the amount of $3114.00 to the Michigan American Legion's Wilwin Lodge at Cygnet Cove.  The money was raised at various concerts, including a benefit show that night, as part of a weekend of events that raised more than $13,000.  The Wilwin Lodge is a vacation respite for veterans and their families.  For more information, please visit

"Today we send a very special THANK YOU to the fans and supporters of the Richard Lynch Band and The Love Tattoo Foundation," said Randy Hayford of Twang Thang Country, Richard's management. "We are extremely proud, that with your help, we were able to present our donation to The Michigan American Legions Wilwin Lodge at Cygnet Cove in the amount of $3,114.00!! We were honored to be a part of this weekend's event which raised over $13,000.00 for our Veterans!!!"


June 9, 2017 - Beach Sloth Music Blog

Richard Lynch’s “Mending Fences” represents the best of Americana. With rollicking, toe-tapping rhythms and sung with such heart, the pieces teem with life. Downright joyous in delivery, the way the songs unfurl feels majestic. Vocals rest at the very center of the album, with lyrics that offer little glimpses at a life lived most fully. These songs focus upon some of the hard lessons learned in life, the way that life often ends up taking so many unique twists and turns. Stylistically, Richard Lynch incorporates folk, country, and pop into a satisfying singular whole.

 “Daddy’s Words” begins the album on a high note, with a bombastic rush of energy introducing the piece. Truly beautiful is the calm insight of the title track “Mending Fences” where the song has an intimate tenderness to it. Unfurling in such a naturalistic, laid-back manner is the spacious scope of “Crazy Man”. Strings add to the overall color of the tasteful, timeless “Cut And Paste” where the song yearns for simpler times. Giddy to its very core is the fantastic slide guitar and western twang of “Think And Drive”. Piano plays an important role is the soulful blues of “Worth Saving”. On “Things You Shouldn’t Do” the song delves into a dreamy otherworldly sound. Ending things on a high note is the multifaceted style of “Knock Three Times”.

"Mending Fences” shows off the incredible delivery of Richard Lynch, with thoughtful songs that linger in the mind long after they are over.


June 8th, 2017 Country Music People Magazine

From the down-home common sense advice contained in the opener right through to the lament at the end, this album has a great deal of simple charm about it. The music will endear itself to lovers of old style country, think Alan Jackson, think Billy Yates, think "Hey don't you wish this guy was playing at our club" and you get the idea. The songs are, for the most part, original and very listenable indeed.

If there is a theme running in and out of this collection, it is the notion that Richard Lynch is an older and wiser man. Daddy's Words, Mending Fences and Crazy Man all deliver that sober and sensible message without labouring the point.

I particularly enjoyed Back In Love Again, a storming up-tempo duet with the very talented Rhonda Vincent, tle two voices work extremely well together and the harmonies are a delight to the ears. It is another example of how uncomplicated lyrics can be the best medium for getting the message over, and a touching little love song to boot. There is a much more modem view of lost romance in Cut And Paste and I admire the writer's skill in taking those references to social media and making them work in such a Olish country song.

The inclusion of Knock ThreeTimes puzzles me a litde; for sure its a great song covered by many people and this Texas honky-tonk treatment of it works well — I can imagine the number would go down an absolute storm to a room full of dancers — but on this album it seemed like having a two and a half minute stab of chocolatecake on the same plate as your chicken fried steak and Buffalo wings. Overall this is a highly enjoyable slice of old fashioned country music, the disappearance of which is the subject of the final and longest track on the CD.

With a message similar to Murder On Music Row this is more of a toe-tapper than that classic and I think works better than many other attempts at championing the works of country icons I have heard over the years. Several tracks on this album tend themselves admirably to radio play; if classic country is your preference you will like this for sure.


"Mending Fences" debuts on WSM

2016 Song of The Year

Richard Lynch "A Better Place" Named #1 Roots Music Report Chart Song Of 2016

Traditional country artist and Independent Country Music Hall of Famer, Richard Lynch's single, "A Better Place" was named the #1 True Country Song for 2016 by Roots Music Report. The song spent 32 weeks atop the chart.


January 12, 2016 - NASHVILLE, TN -- After an astonishing 32 weeks atop the Roots Music Report's True Country Songs chart, MTS Management Group and Twang Thang Country are happy to announce Richard Lynch "A Better Place" is named the #1 Roots Music Report True Country Song for 2016. The song, written by Billy Yates and Trent Tomlinson, produced by Yates, and recorded with some of the best studio musicians in Nashville, bested releases by Dwight Yoakam, Irlene Mandrell, and Sturgill Simpson, among others. To see the Top True Country Songs of 2016 chart, visit

Richard Lynch also charted two more singles in the Top 100 for the year:"She's Got Me Drinkin' Again" (with Billy Yates) and #74 "Daddy's Radio" #85.

Watch the video for "A Better Place" at

Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. His latest single, "We're American Proud" is currently climbing country airplay charts. A new duet, "Love Tattoo" with country star, Ronnie McDowell, is scheduled for a late January release. The single will benefit Richard's veterans aid foundation.  Richard is a multiple-award-winning artist and a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. Richard co-hosts "Traditionally Lynch" on Renegade Radio Nashville, airing every Thursday.

Richard Lynch & Ronnie McDowell - Love Tattoo


Richard Lynch and Ronnie McDowell will celebrate the release of their military tribute duet, "Love Tattoo" with two Nashville concert events on January 21, 2017, at Nashville Palace and Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree.


Jan 2, 2017--NASHVILLE, TN -- Independent Country Music Hall of Famer and country chart-topper, Richard Lynch is no stranger to helping American military veterans. His passion and dedication were tantamount to his founding of the Love Tattoo Foundation, a non-profit organization that honors and assists the American Veterans. First conceived in a poem, written by Chuck Brisbin, "Love Tattoo" was recorded by Richard Lynch and released in 2015. Fast-forward to late 2016, and enter Vietnam Veteran and #1 Billboard country chart artist, Ronnie McDowell...

Twang Thang Country and MTS Management Group are very excited to announce a One-Night-Only "Real Country Music" event on January 21, 2017. Richard Lynch and Ronnie McDowell will officially release the heart-wrenching military tribute duet, "Love Tattoo" at two Nashville performances. At 5pm, Richard and Ronnie will host the release party and show at Nashville Palace. Tickets are available at

 At 10pm, the pair will perform at the historic Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree, located at Texas Troubadour Theatre. The Midnight Jamboree is broadcast live on WSM AM 650.

"Love Tattoo" was written by Chuck Brisbin, Richard Lynch and Terry Dennis. It was produced by Mark Moseley at Sound Control Studios in Nashville, TN.

All proceeds from the Nashville Palace ticket sales and the sale of the single will benefit American Veterans through the Love Tattoo Foundation.

Watch the story behind Love Tattoo Foundation at

.The Love Tattoo Foundation is a non-profit organization that honors and assists the American Veterans who carry mental or physical scars, from serving our country. Its mission is to raise money and awareness to help give these Veterans the opportunities they sacrificed, so we could have ours. For more information, please visit

Ronnie McDowell has charted more than thirty Top 40 hits on the Billboard country music charts. Two of his singles – "Older Women" and "You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation" — reached Number One on the country charts, while eleven more reached Top Ten. He has also released more than twenty studio albums. For more information, please visit

Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. His single, "A Better Place" topped the New Music Weekly AM/FM country chart, the IndieWorld Country Record Report, and spent an incredible 32 weeks atop the Roots Music Report True Country chart. His latest single, "We're American Proud" is currently climbing country airplay charts. Richard is a multiple-award-winning artist and a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. Richard co-hosts "Traditionally Lynch" on Renegade Radio Nashville, airing every Thursday.

Real country coming alive for new 2017 album

Richard is back in the studios with Golden Edge Productions for the creation of his third studio album. This will  be another twelve tracks of pure country music ! So of Nashville's best will be album players and production from Edgel Groves. Look for this great album in early 2017.

The remake of "Love Tattoo"

We are honored to announce that Richard's heart wrenching single "LOVE TATTOO" has been re-cut as a duet. Joining Richard on the remake is country star and Vietnam veteran Ronnie McDowell. All proceeds from the sale of this duet will be used to benefit veteran causes of The Love Tattoo Foundation.

32 Weeks at Number One !

The Roots Radio Report - True Country Chart recognizes Richard Lynch for holding the NUMBER ONE ranking for 32 weeks in their radio reporting system with his hit track "A Better Place".

Richard on "In Ohio Country Today"

We are THRILLED to announce that Richard will be on multiple TV stations as the featured guest on In Ohio Country Today !! This is fantastic news and we are all honored to be a part of this great program !! Check the list of stations and your program guides for airing dates & times.........

2015 AWA Pure Country Album of The Year

The Academy of Western Artists has awarded Their 2015 Pure Country Album of The Year Award to Waynesville, Ohio traditional country music artist Richard Lynch for his A Better Place album. The announcement was made March 12, 2016 at the 20th Annual Will Rogers Awards Ceremony held at the Brown Lupton University Union on the grounds of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas.

2015 Humanitarian of The Year

The Josie Show & Country Blast Radio has named Richard Lynch their 2015 Humanitarian of The Year. The award was presented in Nashville, TN on September 27, 2015 at a red carpet ceremony at the beautiful Gaylord Springs.

2015 Band of The Year

The Richard Lynch Band is named The 2015 Traditional Country Band of The Year at a red carpet awards ceremony in Nashville, TN by The Josie Show/Country Blast Radio

New CD release "A Better Place"

NASHVILLE, Tn. (June 1, 2015) - After making strides on his own label with numerous successful chart toppers including a recent number 1 on the New Music Weekly Chart, and mutiple weeks on The Hot Disc Chart, Richard Lynch isvery proud to announce the release of his newest album, A BETTER PLACE on Nashville based, M.O.D. Record Label. This is pure country music fully maintaining the traditions of real country music.

The Ohio native made music his life years ago and continues to pursue his passion by performing 100's of shows a year and making music that relates to the common man as is evident with this latest offering. A BETTER PLACE is a mixture of all things Lynch, ranging from old-school musings with songs such as "It's All In My Head" and a cover of the classic, "You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma", which pairs Lynch with the song's original voice, David Frizzell, on to the rowdy, honky tonk stylings of his lead off single, "She's Got Me Drinkin' Again", a duet with neo-traditionalist, award-winning singer/songwriter, and label owner, Billy Yates. "Richard Lynch is a voice you recognize the minute you hear it. His passion for real country music and his work ethic make him the kind of artist any label would be proud to work with," says Yates. "To have him as a part of the M.O.D. Record Label roster is an absolute honor."

“Hot Disc International air play charts announces Richard Lynch and It's All In My Head has reached number one on their country chart.”
                                                   Stuart Cameron, Hotdisc Top 40 (Oct 04, 2015)

“The Josie Awards proudly name The Richard Lynch Band as the 2015 Traditional Country Band of The Year. They also bestowed the 2015 Humanitarian of The Year Award to Richard Lynch.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Josie, The Josie Show/Country Blast Radio (Sep 28, 2015)

“I was just about to the point where I'd never see or hear some decent country music from today's deliverers. Then along comes an Ohio country music maker, Richard Lynch, who quite frankly is brilliant with this album. The very first song proudly displays a little bit of music from Hank, Ernest, and more, as he introduces "Daddy's Radio." The steel is still there, and used most effectively, and again in "It's All In My Head." This guy is real country. It doesn't have to be at all, it just takes the music into a so called new genre that isn't country at all. Richard Lynch is able to keep his music in the vein of today's country music, but he keeps it country. This music business is sometimes like panning for gold, hoping you might find a little kernel to keep it 'real.' So far what Nashville has been producing for the last many years is devoid of gold. But here, if they would just take a listen, they would find what the real 'evolvement' of the music should be".
                                                                                     - Bob Everhart, Country Music News International (Aug 17, 2015)

"Sometimes a country music promoters dream actually comes true We are extremely proud to announce the pairing of Producer BILLY YATES with country Artist RICHARD LYNCH for the next full length album from Richard Lynch" Stated Twang Thang Music CEO Randy Hayford, as he announced the fall 2014 new album coming from Richard Lynch. Billy Yates is a multi-talented, multi-award winning, Grammy Nominated songwriter, producer and international recording star. Billy's string of major hits include, "Choices" and "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair " recorded by George Jones and dozens of others by major country artists. Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a tong list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. The sounds of Richard Lynch are reminiscent of the classics that started it all. The same passion and raw truth that fueled the likes of Conway Twitty, Keith Whitley & Waylon Jennings.

— Randy Hayford, Twang Thang Country

From TripAdvisor.....Great Traditional Country Music!....... 5 of 5 stars.....Reviewed July 3, 2014.....We were in Nashville during CMA FanFair week and saw two great shows at the Nashville Palace. Richard Lynch, a great up-and-coming country artist with number one songs on the Indy charts, sang terrific classic country songs and several of his own including a debut of his new patriotic song "Love Tatto", a song which is about to be released that pays tribute to our wounded warriors. A wonderful night of country music !

“The Richard Lynch video of "Just Walk On By" has been chosen to air on the Shotgun Red Show for worldwide broadcast on the RFD-TV Network. This highly popular country music variety show is broadcast to 1.2 million households around the world.”

“The Independent Country Music Association has announced that Richard Lynch has been nominated as "Best Male Country Artist" within the organization. Voting will be conducted by the general membership and fans around the world.”
“CMG/BSM Global Radio Charts announces that "Walk On By" from Richard Lynch has earned it's second week in a row at number one.” - Jerry Cramer, CMG.BSM Global Country Charts (Apr 08, 2014

 “The Roots Music Report Top 50 Country Chart reports that "I Stood Right There And Lied" is up 14 points this week on the country Top 50 Chart and now tracks at number twenty five.” - The Roots Music Report (Apr 07, 2014)

“Roots Music Report announces that the album "Last of a Dying Breed" from Richard Lynch has risen by twenty one points this week and now charts at number forty two,” - Roots Music Album Report (Apr 07, 2014)

“Roots True Country Top 50 Chart reports that Richard Lynch has reached number three status in their country radio rankings for the week of April 4, 2014” -
Roots Music Report (Apr 07, 2014)

“You could Richard Lynch could be described as the shining clichéd image of what one of country music and country artist in Europe. He has worked as a singer-guitarist proper craving for authentic country music, a deep sense of religion and a highly developed sense of the traditional values ​​of ancient America. The title of this 10-track album says it all. The idea to use a dying breed part encourages musical conservatism and even rock-solid lyrics about love for your country, your loyal partner and good ol 'times. In Europe, we frown, in the U.S. one runs away with it, and the slick country is still very popular. Now, with The Last Of A Dying Breed , incidentally recorded in the studio at the ranch Loretta Lynn, Lynch makes another statement. In my view, a statement of the kind of pessimistic, but one to be heard. Earned” - Ferenc Koolen, Roots Time Country Magazine (Apr 02, 2014)

“CMG Radio announces a Chart Buster Award is being presented to Richard Lynch for his number one song, "Walk On By". This terrific cut is in regular rotation on hundreds of radio stations around the world.” - Jerry Cramer, CMG Global Charts (Apr 01, 2014)

“CMG Radio Network announces that "Just Walk On By" from Richard Lynch has hit NUMBER TWO, on their Global Country Chart” - CMG Radio Network (Mar 18, 2014) “Clay's Country Radio is pleased to announce that Richard Lynch has been nominated as 2014 Male Artist Of The Year.” - Kathleen Ireland, Clay's Country (Mar 16, 2014)

“Richard Lynch is at no 5 on our country chart with "Walk On By", which is the best version of the song there has ever been...........Tomm Dowling, KCLR FM 96 (Feb 19, 2014)

“New Music Weekly Up & Coming Chart; Out to radio only 3 days and already making the major charts ! Richard Lynch - I Stood Right There And Lied (Twang Thang/WHP)download mp3 file 274 NEW 18 18” - Gary Bradshaw, New Music Weekly (Feb 18, 2014)

 “Radio Most Added At Spin Tracking System; Country Most Added Publication Date: Feb 21, 2014 NUMBER 1 - Richard Lynch - I Stood Right There And Lied (Twang Thang/WHP)” - Gary Bradshaw, Spin Tracking Chart (Feb 18, 2014)

“Lots of good comments on Richard Lynch from Radio. We did very good and better than expected this week as it's always a tough week when CRS is going on in Nashville. Lots of DJ's are up there and don't report this week. We also don't usually make the charts the first week out. Normally takes about 2 to 3 weeks to make the charts and we actually made them in just 2 days..” - Gary Bradshaw, Western Heart Promotions (Feb 18, 2014)

“Just in time for 2014 CRS.....Twang Thang Country is extremely proud to announce the release of "I Stood Right There And Lied". A terrific, pure country single from Nashville recording star; RICHARD LYNCH. The single will have it's official release to mainstream country radio worldwide beginning today. We know the response from radio and all of Richard's current and future fans will be amazing.” - Randy Hayford, Twang Thang Country (Feb 12, 2014)

“The title "Last of a Dying Breed" says it all. If you've wondered where the traditional country went, or questioned whose gonna wear these shoes? This CD delivers. Nine original songs highlight this CD bringing out not only great lyrics, but vocals. And it also hits with the true traditional sounds of fiddles, a steel guitar and other instruments missing in what they call today's country music. You'll also love Richard's take on the country classic "Walk On By".” - Chris Lash, Whiplash Radio LLC (Jul 22, 2013)